Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aww..The NY Press Published My Photo (blush)

This week's NY Press has published a photograph of mine. (click here to see the original photo in full screen)

RELATED:: This post reminded me of a letter to the editor I wrote to the NY Press last year, so obvs I went and found it and posted it below. The letter was in response to a great story the NY Press did entitled THE FAMING ASSHOLES. Briefly, it was about a circle of 'fameballs' in nyc, and the loop of coverage that kept them in the public eye. Remember that "NYC Girl of my Dreams" website? No? well google it or something if you were interested. Anyways...

Here is my L to the E to the NY Press last year. I jus thought it was germane what with all the masturbation that is taking place here.

Manhattan Circle Jerk
"I wanted to let you know I enjoyed your article, and appreciate you taking the time to write it. Although many might already be privy to the circle jerk that is Manhattan media (many who read Gawker and watch Good Morning America for instance) particularly the thousands who reside in places where this climate does not exist —probably are not. And I always appreciate when people lift the veil a bit, on any issue, so that others might see what everyone else can. That in and of itself is an important exercise, and I am glad to see you doing so.
—Paolo Mastrangelo