Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Used To Live In Northampton: Rando Encounters NYC Edition, Part 128

Scene: Corner of Wooster and Spring, this morning at 9AM. Lori walks around the corner.

Me: !!!

Lori: !!!

OMG! blah.

Me: I love this shit! You're like the 28th person I ran into this month. Just the other day I was walking down the subway stairs at 145th and SG was walking up them!

Lori: For real? Oh wow thats so great! I dont see anyone. But you're always like that, you fuking know everybody everywhere. Have you seen NF ?

Me: No! But we are facebook friends. He's in BK, so...

but you should see his profile, it is absolutely hilarious. "blowing big loads" "learning how to suck larger co*ks" "yoga twice a week until i can suck my own co*k" "boobs and explosions" etc., etc. I died when I read it, cause hes like still the same. And he is still so fly and stylin'

(Interlude, office, blah, friends. Bye.)

Lori: Great to see you crossing the street this morning!

Me: no it was great to see you. seri, it was the highlight of my day. as you know, i luv that shit. cause then you took me to the office and i met jackie and she told me bout those scarves and im gonna buy one and its gonna be my new fav piece, and i only have a few absolutely fav pieces. so all in all it was a very notable experience all around, and it would nevr have happened if the good lord jesus didnt allow our cross to paths.

bless our souls lori, fereel