Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have you ever kissed a boy?

From: irie 10:45am 7/19/08
have you ever kissed a boy?
From: Paolo 10:45 7/19/08
nope. why?
From: irie 10:45am 7/19/08
just wondering...

From: Paolo 10:46 7/19/08
(rolling my eyes)
From: irie 10:46am 7/19/08
From: Paolo 10:46am 7/19/08
Do you wanna try it out?
From: irie 10:47am 7/19/08
I know what it's like! I never told u about that?
From: Paolo 10:47am 7/19/08
no please continue...

From: irie 10:48am 7/19/08
I made out with a black queen, 5 yrs ago in Kansas City.
From: Paolo 10:48am 7/19/08
dude. give me the whole story.

From: irie 10:49am 7/19/08
He was the desk guy at this 5 start hotel I was staying at. He showed me my room. Then I called the desk and asked him what he was doing. If he wanted to hang out.
From: Paolo 10:49am 7/19/08
omg. dude. why? what was that all about? was he flirting w u?

From: irie 10:50am 7/19/08
yeah, i was drinking. I was like...alright, what the fuk.
From: Paolo 10:50am 7/19/08
wow. Good for u. what happened in the room?

From: irie 10:51am 7/19/08
we were kissing, and he went down on me. Sucking my balls and ass.
From: Paolo 10:51 7/19/08
o.m.god. u r nasty, i had no idea. geez what did you think?

From: irie 10:52am 7/19/08
why? i'm not nasty. I wanted to try it. The kissing was a little strange. The bj good. when he was sucking my cock, he stopped, looked up at me and said, ...If you like this, my ass is even sweeter.
From: Paolo 10:53am 7/19/08
wow this is incredible. more...

From: irie 10:54am 7/19/08
It was fun, once u let go of the idea that ur supposed to think its wrong. I teased him a little. When he was going down on I would say, I bet u want to fuk that tight little virgin ass with ur black cock.
From: Paolo 10:54am 7/19/08
dude! god. you are an animal. how did it end?

From: irie 10:55am 7/19/08
me cumming in his mouth
From: Paolo 10:56am 7/19/08
And then what? what was said?

From: irie 10:57am 7/19/08
we just hung out, drank some beers, talked about race, politics, watched a little tv, kissed and he went back 2 work at his desk
From: Paolo 10:57am 7/19/08
From: irie 10:58am 7/19/08
what? I felt safe for some reason.
From: Paolo 10:59am 7/19/08
I feel safe with u, but i dont want your slender vanilla hose in my little beautiful ass. but I might want to push you around a bit.
From: irie 11:00am 7/19/08
Ha, yah. I bet you do. don't tell emmit this story, he'll be sending me pics of his cock.

From: Paolo 11:03am 7/19/08
Can i see if im gay with you?
From: irie 11:05am 7/19/08
ok, but i'm just afraid you'll fall in love w me.