Monday, July 21, 2008

Have you ever kissed a boy? Part II

P: did you read it?

E: no i will give me a minute


E: who the fuck is irie oh and you spelled emmit wrong it's emmitt

P: whatever. irie is a fake name. real person. good story eh? i was dying

E: do I know him?

P: he said dont tell emmit

E: huh do i know him?

P: he doesnt want you sending him pics of your cock

E: answer the fuking question do i know him?

P: are you gonna send him pics of yourself grabbing your ankles with a banana in your ass if i tell you?

E: answer the fuking question do i know him? answer the q'st

P: emmit. i cant tell you thats not fair.

E: its emmitt, and by the way tell me and ill tell you a secret core to the bone-leon

P: the ass crasher

E: yah i knew that bout him he is a rest stop homo. btw i have no secrets.

P: Jerk its not the ass crasher. thats not a a secret.

E: huh. oh me and mi. huh

P: and btw, you have a ton of secrets

E: yah i do. dude i never saw you so angry, over a salad. you need help.