Thursday, July 10, 2008

Town VS Gown. Like Maybelline, Some Were Just Born With It

From: Paolo 07/10/08 12:41am
member the first time we met? u were at unite and u were writing a letter. and I said hi what are you doing and asked u if u wud write me a letter. and you shot me a look and said, "i dont think so"

From: Liza 07/10/08 12:46am
ha. was i really mean when we met? I remember thats when i was "interning" there haha.

From: Paolo 07/10/08 12:51am
no u were not mean at all. I thought it was funny. U were this cute girl behind the counter so i was totes like who is this and what u doin? Im very curious and truthfully, u looked like you didnt fuk around and it was very interesting and im not shy.

From: Liza 07/10/08 12:52am
hahaa. thats so great.


From: Liza 07/10/08 1:04am
summertime is so nice in northampton w.out all the college kids

From: Paolo 07/10/08 1:06am
oh god liza those fukn indie hipster college kids shud all live with themselves somewhere. like williamsburg. theyve already colonized that place arent they happy with that?

From: Liza 07/10/08 1:06am
it gets on my nerves! its just so tacky and ugly and i cant get over it.

From Paolo: 07/10/08 1:07am
it is tacky. like maybelline, some "were born with it". you know who was and who wasnt. the rest should just cut their hair already and like stop it.

From: Liza 07/10/08 1:08am
head to toe american apparel. wayfarers. whatever they are rocking at this moment. everything is so literal with these people.

From: Paolo 07/10/08 1:20am
Liza, u r so good. "everything is so literal with these people" that captures it perfectly. I have to blog that cept ill leave out the part where i was a dick. i can be such a dick about it, when you say it it sounds smart not mean.