Sunday, May 18, 2008

Videoblogging and the Pulse

(originally published by on March 08 2006)

Apparently video blogging is the hot new thing. We like video blogging we’d like to see more from the locals, we encourage folks to pick up the camera (Steve Garfield and Ravi Jain will teach ya).

Creating community through vlogs is a central tenet to vlogging. Node101::Boston Media Makers meetings are working on paving streets in the new neighborhood. The group's first meeting produced ideas that people were interested in fostering, including citizen media, video blogging, information sharing, and community, among other things. The next 'BIG' Meeting of the Boston Media Makers is happening April 2nd, 10 am, at the Sweet Finnish bakery in Jamaica Plain (near the monument). The 'BIG' Meetings take place on the first Sunday of every month. You can check the group forum for more information.

Steve's blog gives the rundown of the meeting held this past Sunday. It appears to be quite an active and engaged group, producing a lot of great pointers on vlogging. David Tames in a video (of course) tutorial, on good sound technique. Ravi from DriveTime discussed his trip to work and how he’s made it an effective, engaging blog.

Fifteen locals attended the meeting, including: Amy Carpenter from Super Secret Surveillance, Nathan from Horray For Funn (where the extra 'n' is for fun) who, along with three of his friends, produce sketch comedy shorts for their site, and a man named Holland, who dispenses a written beat down with every post at his blog/video blog Media Nipple, (NSFW) attempting to pull away the curtain on the Mass Media.

Blogging beyond words (this is our nod to podcasters, we didn’t forget about you, just kinda put the focus on the vlog here) just smacks of a beautiful and natural progression of Citizen Media. Though Citizen Media in one form or another has been around since before the Boston Tea Party, the power of the internets have changed it's accessibility. No longer do you need to ride through town on a horse, screed in hand, or cut and paste your own writing onto a hand coallated ‘zine (which then needs distribution)*.

Meh, the Globe=Pulse of Boston, right, right, whatever. To promote this paper-of-record-but-still-hip message they’ve invested in Pulse Points (clever name, huh?) that target the vlogging crowd. They’re a bit of a self contained hub, spurting out cached information as speeds ten times faster than the internet and it's free! Steve Garfield, also a Rocket Boom correspondent, recently did a great video story about Pulse Points for Rocket Boom. The report explains in enlightening detail the potential of Pulse Points, especially in relation to the delivery and creation video and audio content on the web. "Our objective with the Pulse Point is to sort of see, well, what happens if you have a 50 meg internet?" explains Michael Oh. Umm...Fifty Megs?! Bostonist to Comcast: take note, 50 MB would truly be Comcastic.

*Perhaps not the best media delivery method, Bostonist does think riding around on a horse dispensing your verbal wisdom is a fab idea for a video blog.

Interested in starting your own vlog, this site should be your starting point.