Sunday, May 18, 2008

::EXCLUSIVE:: Gawker Media set to launch a new site.

(originally published on A Blog Soup Dec. 20 2005 [blog is now private])

Gawker Media is launching a new blog. Nick Douglas will be at the helm.

I have heard now from a few very reliable people that Gawker Media, that powerhouse of blogging created by Nick Denton, is getting ready to launch a new site. It will be apparently, a gossip/news blog focusing on the Silicon Valley tech scene.

Allegedly, the man picked to edit the site will be none other than our beloved Nick Douglas of Blogebrity fame. That is all the more poingant as I recall having an IM recently with Kyle Bunch, the publisher of Blogebrity, where he lamented his inability to offer Nick any reasonable money as editor of Blogebrity. I was heaping praise on Nick, and Kyle agreed he was doing a wonderful job. His concern was that Nick might start getting offers to go elsewhere before Kyle could adequately pay Nick what he deserved.

It appears that Kyle's worries about those possibilities are now well grounded.

And that's all I really have about this. The details might be a bit off. But the gist of it is certain.

Stay tuned...